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XY Theta Stage

Model: HO-MXYR-300
Pay-Load 250 Kg
Aluminium alloy B51S Construction

As evident from the photograph, theta stage is placed on top of X-Y stages. All three axes are motorized, still hand knobs are given behind each motor for manual adjustments if required. X and Y stages have bellows protection. Top surface of theta stage is provided with tapped holes for mounting.

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    Absolute positioning accuracy :     Linear stages (XY)  :  ± 0.20 mm or better
:     Theta stage  :  0.1 deg
    Repeatability :     Linear stage (XY)  :  ± 0.20 mm or better
:     Theta stage  :  0.1 deg
    Straight line accuracy :     Linear stage (XY)  ± 25 μm
    Construction :     Aluminum alloy on any rust free
    Finish :     Black anodized
    Travel :     Linear stage X Axis  :  300 mm
:     Linear stage Y Axis  :  300 mm
:     Theta stage  :  360 degree
    Feedback :     Linear stage  :  NIL
:     Theta stage  :  NIL
    Resolution :     Linear stages  :  10 μm (Half step)
:     Theta stage  :  0.1 degree (Full step)
    Linear guide & Rotary stage bearing system :     Recirculation block and rail
:     Double bearing system including preloaded roller thrust bearing
    Drive :     Linear stage (XY Stage)  :  Rolled ballscrew, pitch 4 mm
:     Theta Stage  :  Precision worm gear and shaft assembly
    Actuator :     Stepper motor
    Maximum speed :     Linear stages (XY Stage)  :  16mm / sec (4 rps)
:     Theta stage  :  8 degree / sec (4 rps)
    Limit switches :     Linear stages  :  Optical Limit switch in both ends
:     Theta stage  :  Optical home sensing limit switch
    Pay-Load :     250 kg
    Mounting Holes :     Linear stages  :  M6 tapped holes
:     Theta stage  :  M6 Tapped holes on top disc

Controller and Software specifications

    Motor Type :     Stepper
    Drive :     Bipolar stepper motor drive
:     Micro step resolution  :  1/16
    Encoder Feedback :     Optional

Micro-Position Controller

    Type of processor :     Micro-controller
    Lab-View compatibility :     Optional (A command set will be provided which can be used to communicate with the controller using Lab VIEW or any other programming language through RS232 port.)
    PC interface :     RS232 (USB / RS485) 5 meter cable
    I / O port :     1 input & 1 output
    Power supply :     Built-in SMPS (24 VDC)
    Input voltage :     230V AC / 50Hz

Micro-Motion (Software)

    Independent motion : Every stage can be operated independently
    Displacement : Command to move the stage to a specified distance in Microns (Deg.)
    Speed : Command to Set the speed of motion of the stage
    Trigger I / O : Command to make the Controller to wait for a trigger pulse from an external source
: Command to make the controller to generate a pulse which can be used for triggering external devices
    Delay : Command to make the controller to wait for a specified time in milli seconds without doing any operation
    Motion programs : Sets of commands can be saved as a single program and can be executed by a single click
    Position indication : Position counter is updated after the completion of each movement

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