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UV-VIS-NIR Detector Based Measurements
Model : HO-SP-RE-03DM
For the precise determination angular position, particularly for the optical spectra application Holmarc has introduced a new high precision 0.0001 degree resolution spectrometer goniometer. It features low dark current linear Si-Photodiode detection unit for light measurement application. This allows users to work the spectrometer goniometer in the wavelength range of UV-VIS-NIR (320 - 1100nm). This instrument is suitable for
custom experimentation and inspection of various optical components with high precision. Open and flexible design facilitates quick modification of the instrument for custom applications.

This instrument can be used as a spectroscope for the observation and measurement of emission and absorption spectra and other application include optical measurements like precise optical angle determination of optical elements, diffraction measurements, Brewster’s angle spectroscopy, Thinfilm characterization measurements etc. When used with a prism, It can observe visible light as it is dispersed by wavelength. When used with a diffraction grating and a gas discharge tube, It can observe the emission spectrum of various gases. The wavelengths of each electron transition in the spectrum can be calculated according to the angle of deflection of the light traveling through the grating.

    Telescope & Collimator Tube : 200 mm Focal length
    Aperture : 30 mm
    Detector Unit : Linear Si Photodiode
    Software : Spectra RE scanning Soft. Version 1.020
    Rotation : 360 Degree Continuously
Rotatable Telescope and Sample
    Design : Precision Worm gear with double bearing
    Resolution : 0.0001 Degree for Telescope
0.005 Degree for Sample Plate
    Marking : Graduated rotary scale for visual reference
    Construction : Aluminium
    Finish : Black anodized
Removable collimator and telescope tubes
Custom Accessories
Horizontal and vertical adjustments for collimator & telescope
Precision slit 0 - 3mm adjustable with 10 micron resolution
Slit height is adjustable from 0 - 10 mm
Fiber optic coupling unit
The focal length of the telescope and collimator tube is 200 mm. The graduated disc features a 360 degree scale with divisions of 0.5. The prism table is removable and features three point bearing leveling screws.
Detector Unit
High precision low dark current (5pA) linear Si-Photodiode with an active area of 1.1 x 5.9 mm is used as detector in RE03DM Spectrometer Goniometer. It has spectral range of 320 - 1100 nm.
   Application Include
Emission spectrum
Absorption spectrum
R.P of grating & prisms
Dichroism etc.
Angle measurements of equilateral prism, wedge prism, biprism etc.
Refractive index measurements.
Determination of
Groove spacing
Biprism diffraction etc.
Measuring Optical Parameters like
Optical density
Polarization angle etc.
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