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Rails, Carriers & Accessories

Holmarc manufactures four types of rails and carriers for routine laboratory experiments in optics. All these are made from aluminium extrusions. Carriers are affixed with nylon tapes, wherever required, for achieving smooth sliding on the rails. There are mounting holes on the carrier for fixing opto-mechanical components.

Rail with Dovetail design & Carrier

Rail with Dovetail design offers excellent linearity and smooth carrier translation. Rails have linear scale reading in millimeters.

HC - 1 Rail & Carrier

HC-1 rails are aluminium extrusions having 10mm thick ribs on four sides. They are rigid in structure and are light weight.

HC - 2 Rail & Carrier

HC-2 rails are precision aluminium extruded section having guiding ribs on four corners. The rail has full solid cross section for extra rigidity.

HC - 3 Rail & Carrier

HC-3 rails are triangular shaped aluminium extrusions. They are available in various lengths ranging from 0.5 to 2 m.


We supply bases compatible with our standard HC-1, HC-2 and HC3 rails.

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