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Spectra UV-VIS-NIR High Throughput

DUAL Grating f/3.5 Monochromator

Model : HO-HTDG 175F2

HOLMARC’s 175F2 monochromator having 175 mm focal length is an out-of-plane version of Ebert-Fastie monochromator. It is designed with large optics for high light throughput and f / 3.5 aperture, optimized to provide excellent stray light rejection while minimizing aberrations. The optical configuration is designed to ensure high resolution and maximum throughput.

175F2 has computer controlled, motorized turret for automatic grating and wavelength selection. It offers 0.2 nm resolution in UV-VIS region with 1200 lines / mm grating and 0.25 nm in IR region with 600 lines / mm ruled grating, covering wavelength range of 250 nm to 1900 nm. Monochromator includes adjustable micrometer controlled input and output slit.

        Focal Length :     175 mm
        Focal ratio F/# :     F / 3.5
        Wavelength Selection Method :     Motorized Sine Drive
        Grating :     Holographic 1200 l/mm   &   600 l/mm ruled precision gratings
        Wavelength Range :     250 - 1900 nm
        Grating Size :     50 x 50 mm
        Grating Turret :     Yes, Two grating turret with grating
        Wavelength Accuracy :     0.2 nm with 1200 l/mm grating
        Wavelength Precision :     0.1 nm
        Stray Light :     0.03 %
        Number of ports :     1 input port   &   1 output port
        Slit :     Variable Micrometer Slit
        Resolution :     10 Micron
        Slit opening :     0 - 3 mm
        Higher order cut off filter :     Yes - Motorized filter wheel unit
        Interface :     USB 2.0
        Handheld control unit :     Optional
        Software :     Spectra SQR

Optional Hand Controller

175F2 includes a connector to utilize the optional Handheld Controller for manual operation without using computer. There is no need to memorize commands or key sequences. The backlit LCD display provides information on the selection of grating, active filter, current wavelength etc


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