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Motorized Actuator

HO-MA Series
0.001 mm Resolution
0.01 mm Positioning Accuracy

Holmarc's motorized actuator can be used to replace micrometers in translation stages or lead screws in kinematic mounts for making the positioning automated with appropriate control electronics. Drive is achieved by a stepper motor coupled to a precision lead screw–nut mechanism.

The spindle of the actuator which moves forward and backward when the motor rotates is made non-rotating to bring in extra precision. Construction material is stainless steel . Our standard position controllers can be used to drive these actuators without any customization. Holmarc can supply kinematic mounts and stages fitted with these actuators for custom applications. You are welcome to discuss your needs with our sales engineers.

    Travel :     Up to 25mm
    Positioning Accuracy :     0.01 mm
    Resolution :     0.001 mm
    Construction :     Stainless steel / Aluminium

Model No. Travel Resolution Drawing Price ( $ )
HO-MA-15 15 mm 0.001 mm 417.00
HO-MA-25 25 mm 0.001 mm 467.00

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