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Precision Polarizer Rotator

with Tilt

Tilt Series
Fine tilting beam axis arrangement
Precision rotary & fine adjustments

Precision rotary adjustments are possible with this mount. Plate/sheet polarizers are held between two threaded rings inside a threaded bore. For other shapes, adapters have to be used.

Kinematic design of this mount provides fine tilt adjustments in two planes for the mounted polarizers.

        +/- 3° kinematic tilt
        Lead screw drive for tilt
        0.1° resolution for rotation
        Manual 360° rotation
        ±3 degree precision movement
        Rotation drive by micrometer
        Optics held by threaded ring
        Threaded bore depth    :    12 mm
        M6 mounting holes
        Post mountable
        Aluminium alloy
        Black anodized finish

Glan-thompson prism adaptors are also available.

Model No Optic Diameter : D Thread Type Type Price $
TLT - 25PMC 25 mm / 1" HM1 Polarizer Rotator with Tilt 158.00
TLT - 50PMC 50 mm / 2" HM2 Polarizer Rotator with Tilt 180.00
TLT - 25PMP 25 mm / 1" HM1 Precision Polarizer Rotator with Tilt 199.00
TLT - 50PMP 50 mm / 2" HM2 Precision Polarizer Rotator with Tilt 222.00
PMC Series - Model : TLT - 25PMC
PMP Series - Model : TLT - 25PMP

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