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Cylindrical Beam Expander

Model: HO-CBE10X-A10

Holmarc’s Cylindrical beam expander is used to create parallel light sheet. The length and width of the parallel light sheet is depends on the input collimated beam diameter. All the lenses are AR coated to reduce back reflection losses.

    Expansion factor :     10 X
    Input beam diameter :     10 mm (collimated)
    Collimated sheet size :     ~ 100 mm x 10 mm
    Collimated output beam length :     ~ 100 mm (depends on input beam diameter)
    Collimated output beam width :     ~ 10 mm (depends on input beam diameter)
    Input lens :     Negative cylindrical lens
    Output lens :     Positive cylindrical lens
    Collimation :     Manually adjustable
    AR coated :     Broadband AR coated @ 400-700nm

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