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Diffraction is a wave property of electromagnetic radiation that causes the radiation to bend as it passes by an edge or through an aperture. Diffraction effects increase as the physical dimension of the aperture approaches the wavelength of the radiation. Diffraction of radiation results in interference that produces dark and bright rings, lines or spots depending on the geometry of the object causing the diffraction.

Screen Based Apparatus for Diffraction Experiments

This apparatus is meant for studying diffraction when laser light passes through a diffracting element. The device consists of diode laser and diffracting element ...

Detector Based Apparatus for Diffraction Experiments

Holmarc's HO-ED-LOE-02 is for the characterization of Optoelectronic components. Optoelectronics is the study and application of electronic devices that interacts with light.

Single Slit Diffraction and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

Holmarc's Apparatus Model HO-ED-D-02A is meant for the study of diffraction patterns of single slits and to confirm Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

Goniometer Based Apparatus for Diffraction Experiments

This apparatus consists of a Goniometer for measuring diffraction angle directly and a precision adjustable slit through which light passes before falling on the diffracting element.

Apparatus for Studying Diffraction from Reflection Grating

This device is specifically designed for studying reflection gratings. It consists of a laser head mounted on a kinematic holder and a grating mount with angular adjustments.

Apparatus for Determination of Particle Size

Holmarc's Apparatus for Determination of Particle size is a simple and unsophisticated equipment. When laser light passes through the particles, diffraction occurs and pattern is observed on a screen

Fresnel's Biprism Diffraction Apparatus

This instrument that demonstrates how Fresnel's Bi prism can be used to obtain fringes due to interference and to calculate the wavelength of monochromatic light.

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