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Spectral Response Measurement Apparatus
Model: HO-AE-SR18

Spectral response is the ratio of the current generated by the solar cell to the power incident on the solar cell or a detector. Spectral response measurement apparatus measures short circuit current of solar cell at selected wavelengths over a broad range of wavelengths.

HOLMARC's Spectral response measurement system (Model NO: HOAE-SR18) is capable of measuring the spectral response of any kind of photovoltaic devices, such as single or multi junction solar cells or sensors in an area up to 30mm2. Measurements can be taken in the wavelength range from 360 to 1100 nm at a resolution of 1nm. Current, normalized with respect to light power versus wavelength gives spectral response of the cell. Spectral response is directly related to external quantum efficiency. The measurements can be performed by interfacing to a computer.

Third party Source Measure Unit with (SMU) can be used for the measurement of the current through, and also to apply the voltage to, the sample. Holmarc also supply a complete solar cell characterization system (Model HO-SC-QEIV) which has internal source measure circuit to perform both IV and spectral response measurements.

    Light source :     50W Tungsten Halogen lamp
    Wavelength Range :     360 nm to 1100 nm (Optional - up to 2000 nm)
    Monochromator Optical Design :     Czerny - Turner
    Main Mirrors :     Parabolic type with Enhanced Aluminum Coating
    Focal Length :     300 mm
    Dispersion Element :     Holographic Grating
    Grating Density :     1200 l / mm
    Filter Unit :     Higher order cut off filter wheel
    Sample size :     Up to 30 mm x 30 mm
    Two probes, one movable in X axis and the other in Y axis, to make contact with the sample
    Alternative contact option through alligator clips
    Built-in transimpedance amplifier for the measurement of photocurrent through the sample
    User Interface :     PC software
    PC Interface :     RS232 or USB (Using a USB to serial converter)

    Active area :     5.8 x 5.8 mm
    Wavelength Range :     360 nm to 1100 nm
    Wavelength of Peak Sensitivity :     960 nm
    Photosensitivity :     0.58 A/W at 960 nm
    Typical Short Circuit Current at 100lx :     31 Micro Ampere
    Dark Current :     50 pA
    Rise Time :     10 micro second

    The system can be used in standalone mode

    PC software for user interface

    Plot browser to read spectral response at each wavelength

    Wavelength range between 360 to 1100 nm

    Stepping motor scanning for precision wavelength positioning

Software Features

    Controls the monochromator

    Performs scans of user defined wavelength range

    Plots spectral response of the sample at a specified wavelength range

    Export the results to spreadsheet file

    Operating system requirement: Windows XP / 7/ 8 / 8.1 / 10

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