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Z - Scan Characterization Kit

Characterization of Transparent Optical Materials
Model: HO-IAD-ZS-01A

The Z-scan technique is a simple and popular experimental technique to measure intensity dependent non linear susceptibilities of materials. The Z-SCAN Characterization Kit is a simple implementation of the z-scan technique that can be used to characterize optical materials. In this method, the sample is translated in the Z direction along the axis of a focused Gaussian beam and the far field intensity is measured as a function of sample position. Analysis of the intensity versus sample position Z-scan curve, predicated on a local response, gives the real and imaginary parts of the third order susceptibility.

Standard open aperture and closed aperture z-scan are covered with the kit. The two measurable quantities connected with the z-scan are nonlinear absorption (NLA) and nonlinear refraction (NLR). These parameters are associated with the imaginary and real part of the third order nonlinear susceptibility, and provide important information about the properties of the material.


    Characterize non-linear properties of optical materials

    Photo detector with spectral response range of 320 - 1100nm

    Mechanical components with black anodized finish

    Optical breadboard make the system flexible

    Highly precision optics

    User - friendly software

Items Included

1.    Optical breadboard 1200x800mm with rigid support - 1 no.

2.    532nm DPSS 100mw low noise CW Laser

3.    Motorized precision linear translation stage and control electronics - 1no.

4.    Variable beam splitter with mount - 1no.

5.    Kinematic mirror mount with metallic mirror - 2nos.

6.    Aperture wheel with selectable apertures of different sizes - 1no.

7.    Achromatic Lens & Mount - 2nos.

8.    Filter wheel unit with 6 various neutral density filters - 1no.

9.    Variable aperture with mount - 1no.

10.    1mm Cuvette with Holder - 1no.

11.    Si photodiode detector with mount - 2nos.

12.    RS232 interface with optional USB to serial converter

13.    Windows software interface

14.    Black Screen - 3nos.

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