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5 axis Stage

Model: HO-XYZCA-100
360° Continuous rotation
Pay-Load 5 kg

Rotary stage giving C movement will be mounted on the rotary stage giving A movement. Rotary stage (giving A movement) will be mounted on Z stage. Z stage will be mounted perpendicularly on Y-stage and Y stage will be further mounted on X stage. Therefore, all the stages should be able to carry the total weight of the work stations which are mounted above it along with a working load of 5 Kg (max). These stages are modular in design and construction.

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Model No HO-XYZCA-100-ZZ HO-XYZCA-100-SM
Drive AC servo motor Stepper motor
Absolute positioning accuracy  
Linear stages (XYZ) 10 μm
Theta stage 0.05 degree
Linear stage (XYZ) 5 μm
Theta stage 0.05 degree
Straight line accuracy Linear stage (XYZ) 10 μm
Construction Aluminum alloy on any rust free
Finish Black anodized
Linear stage X Axis 100 mm
Linear stage Y Axis 100 mm
Linear stage Z Axis 50 mm
Theta stage C axis +/- 60 degree
Theta stage A axis 360 degree
Linear stage Optional fitting on request
Theta stage Optional fitting on request
Linear stages 0.2 μm (1/10000 step) 0.3125 μm (1/10000 step)
Theta stage 0.01 degree (1/10000 step)
Linear guide and
Rotary stage bearing system
Precision V guidway and roller
Double bearing system including preloaded roller thrust bearing
Drive mechanism  
Linear stage (XY Stage) Ground leadscrew , Pitch 2 mm
Theta stage Precision worm gear and shaft assembly
Minimum speed Linear stages (XYZ Stage)   :   300 micron / min
Theta stage   :   8 degree / sec
Maximum speed Linear stages (XY Stage) : 1000 mm / min Linear stages (XY Stage) : 480 mm / min
Theta stage   :   8 degree / sec
Limit switchs  
Linear stages Optical limit switch in both ends
Theta stage Optical home sensing limit switch
Pay-Load 5 kg
Mounting Holes M6 Mounting holes

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