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Model No: DIM213D Series

Holmarc introduces a new and innovative product for digital inspection that offers automated optical inspection, imaging and documentation. Digital inspection microscope HO-DIM213D provide you with a broader range of functionality, flexibility and portability, expanding your capabilities beyond the traditional optical microscope. Our digital inspection product line features high quality digital imaging & video inspection stations and microscopy illumination products. UV to IR, we cover the entire spectrum.

Holmarc Digital Inspection System utilize the finest quality optical components for crisp, accurate and colour correct specimen viewing. Combine these with one of our fine quality CCD or CMOS cameras to build a product documentation station. It is ideal for inspection of a wide range of objects such as synthetic and natural fiber, semiconductor, integrated circuits, solder joints and facilitates various processes such as surface analysis, quality control, defect analysis, metrology, biomedical imaging etc.

A wide range of adapters & auxiliary lenses, cameras, lighting options, video capture cards and stands are available to provide a custom solution.

   Model No: HO-DIM-5MP07
   Type : Infinity corrected Long WD
   Magnification : 20X
   Numerical Aperture NA : 0.42
   Working Distance : 20mm
   Focal Length FL : 10mm
   Resolving Power : 0.7 μm
   Depth of Focus : 1.6 μm
   Camera Unit
   Sensor : CMOS
   Sensor Size : 1 / 2.5”
   Interface : USB 2.0
   Pixel Size : 2.2 x 2.2 micron
   Maximum resolution : 2592 x 1944, full resolution mode
   Frame rate at resolution : 7 fps at 2592x1944, full resolution
    37 fps at 1024 x 768 & 78 fps at 640 x 480
   Output bits per pixel : Selectable, 8 bit, 10 bit or 12 bit
   Dynamic Range : 70.1 dB
   Angled Illumination Unit
   Illumination : LED based
   Type : Array
   Colour : Pure White
   Luminosity control : Continuously variable
   Housing material : Aluminium
   Back Illumination Unit
   Condenser lens type : Achromatic Corrected
   Numerical Aperture : 0.55 max. (variable)
   Working distance : 15mm
   Illumination : LED based
   Power : 3W
   Colour : Pure White
   Luminosity control : Continuously variable
   Polarizer : Linear polarizing film
   Housing material : Aluminium black anodized
   Tube lenses
   Lens type : Achromatic Corrected
   Focal lengths : 200mm
   Imaging area : 288 x 215 micron with 1/ 2.5” sensor
  : 320 x 240 micron with 1/ 2” sensor
   150mm FL Tube lense
   Imaging area : 384 x 286 micron with 1/ 2.5” sensor
  : 426 x 320 micron with 1/ 2” sensor
   250mm FL Tube lense
   Imaging area : 230 x 171micron with 1/ 2.5” sensor
  : 256 x 192 micron with 1/ 2” sensor
   300mm FL Tube lense
   Imaging area : 192 x 143 micron with 1/ 2.5” sensor
  : 213 x 160 micron with 1/ 2” sensor
  ► Long working distance Infinity Corrected Objective
  ► Superior image quality
  ► Easy to set
  ► Angled and Back illumination for In depth viewing
  ► Depth Measurement Using Micrometer Controlled Mechanism
  ► Flexible Positioning Unit
  ► Polarized Imaging
Because of continuous product improvement, the various data listed are subject to change without notice. Please confirm before ordering.
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